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Looking for an MMA coach/Strength and conditioning coach by Roget Allain
Hello and good day, I am a 17 year old young MMA prospect looking for a trainer who is willing to travel to my country Saint Lucia (caribbean), and to put the time and effort into starting an MMA program. Hit me up sometime if your staff or...
How to Get Into MMA? by MMA Recruiter
A question that is commonly asked on MMA Recruiter is, “How to get into MMA?”. This question continues to come up from aspiring fighters. We decided to ask other industry professionals what their answer is to this...
How to Book an MMA Fight? by Mike Camp
How to Book an MMA Fight? After writing the piece “How to...
look for 170 pro debut against neone!!! by Chad 'The Natural' Williams
2x all American College national champion wrestler 17-2 ammy record I live in Midwest but willing to travel any where and fight any one at 170
Savage Combat Sports Management looking for fights by Savage Combat Sports Management
looking for fights for the following: 170lbs 1-1 pro from KY 185/205 11-5 pro from CO 125/135lbs 0-1 pro from AZ HVW 1-3 pro from CA 170lbs 1-0 pro from TX 135-170lbs 0-1 pro from NM/NV please...
Fight me by NativeMassa100
I am a fighter in Atlanta Georgia looking for opponents in the weight range of 180-225. Amatuer fighters wanted....
160-175 lb male ammy looking for fight- Middle Tennessee by Taylor Hood
I trained in Texas for a few years. My first fight was scheduled, cut weight and prepared, promoter pulled the event 3 days before the fight. Have moved to Nashville and want to fight. Will travel a few hours and cut down some weight if...
Need 3 fighters in OKLAHOMA.. by Combat Performance
Are there any AMATEUR fighters in or near Oklahoma who want to fight on June 11th? the weights needed are: 170 and it's an amateur debut 265 and the opponent is 1-0 220 and the opponent is 2-0 email...