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anyone here in northern arizona? by Howie Rourke
I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this but I'll give it a shot. I'm looking for a place to train this summer. I'll be in cottonwood arizona which is pretty much in the middle of nowhere in northern AZ. A couple people have...
need someone to help me practice judo throws with by adam khan
yo im looking for a partner to come over to my house and help me practice judo throws with with since i cant find anyone to help me practice it i am 5 ft 7 in 140 lbs you can be aby weight rlly but not to heavy like under 250 lbs i really need to...
we want ammy fighters by rocknrollaclothing
contact us whith your info including record /fighting style /gym/ and next planned fight and location and we will take it from...
Rochester NY Show- FCP 7- May 30th 2015 (Amateur Only) by Darren White
Full Contact Productions returns to Rochester with its 7th installment of the Caged Chaos Series. Our shows average 12-15 fights and include multiple title bouts. Our shows feature top rated video production of your fight that is a perfect tool to...
how often should i do body conditioning? by adam khan
Yo im jus wondering about body conditioning for mma i cant seem to find the answer online so i thought id make a forum on it so how often should i do body conditioning like dropping a medicine ball on my stomach and liver? My muay thai trainer said...
need some advice on amatuer mma by adam khan
Ok so im like training in a gym where their are muay thai bjj classes going on at the same time and i want to take both classes so i can be in amatuer mma but their goin on at the same time and the gyms owner told me i need to be doin striking 5...
any promotion that wants international fighters by Antonela Begonja
If there is any promotion that wants international mma or kickboxing female 125lbs,please contact me....
do i need to know boxing to be in mma? by adam khan
im actually looking to get into mma and become pro, i was going to go into amatuer muay thai first but then i realized once i get enough money i can get private classes to do the grappling part so i want to get into amatuer mma as soon as possible...