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MMARecruiter.com is here to help the up and comers of the sport become the champions of tomorrow. Everyone deserves the same equal opportunity to get started in this great and wonderful sport. We hope that others will join in on our network to give back to the fighters that have given us so much. With everyone’s help and support we can assure that MMA will be around for years to come.

We encourage everyone that has an interest in MMA to join our site. Our website is FREE for the MMA community to use.

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We pay travel hotel and food per diem for athletes. We need all weights. You must be within 500 miles or have a travel sponsor to pay for your travel. Please call 501-687-3245 Reed. matchmaker ALLSTARMMA www.allstarmma.com
AGENT Licensed. Filling $$ fights everyday. Thats what is important. by ALLSTARMMA
ALLSTARMMA- You have done the work in the gym. Let me get you the pay and fights you deserve. I do my talking behind the scenes, I argue every day for you and what you are worth. I bug sponsors and tell them you are the next big thing. I have...
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FALL PROS 5+ wins by WBFightMGMT
I manage over 70 fighters, and with so many shows now scheduled for Oct/Nov I actually have some great fights I haven't been able to fill. If interested, I will have you complete a basic bio, and see if I can't get you booked.
Wanted: Pro Light Heavyweight for 4-Man Grand Prix by James Cali
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