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Ammy- Spots open for Televised card in Rochester NY by Darren White
Full Contact Productions (FCP) is having a show July 9th in Rochester NY that will have portions of the card televised on a National Cable TV station. Fighters will be required to sign waiver releases if they are shown on TV. Open classes are...
"RFG" Ripped Fight Gear looking for Fighters to Sponsor Apparel!!! by Hugh Anthony
Looking for Fighters to Join RFG in Apparel only sponsorship at this time. Shoot me a email of your bio and we will be in touch. Thanks...
Playing Basketball Is Popular In China More Than Playing Football by Peter Wells
Owing to our games will be going to won by scoring a measly seven points. I do not understand [url=http://www.houstontexansjerseyspop.com]Houston Texans jersey cheap[/url] why but we all believe that our type of collection is convey your knowledge...
Experienced learner by Christopher Morton
My name is Chris.My background is boxing and wrestling. I weigh between 160-170. I train just to train. I'd like to get more involved in MMA. I'm 32 but I'm in just as good as shape as I've ever been. I've been told that I'm cocky so if something...
How to Book an MMA Fight? by Mike Camp
How to Book an MMA Fight? After writing the piece “How to...
Name is JASON TORRES, I am a professional mma fighter out of NY I am looking for a pro bout from the weight range of 135-145. I have one previous pro bout (refer to video) I have a lot of experience in Boxing and BJJ. I am 23, 5'7 135lbs-145lbs
Training without an insturctor by Keith Michael Collins
Here's the typical advice on studying martial arts on one's own. Unfortunately for its proponents, I succeeded in doing just this and therefore serve as an example showing that it is indeed possible when you apply yourself, thinking the problems...