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About the upcoming HCT Winter Season by Rayancaleb
Hi, Just wanted to know when the HCT points will be counted towards this upcoming winter season? Like..November Ranked? My guess is the HCT points for ladder this season doesnt count for anything really? I was...
Any information about amateur tournaments? by Rayancaleb
Hi, Any information about amateur tournaments?If you have any share them here Please help. Thanks! I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.
What decks right now for bo5 tournament? by Rayancaleb
Hi, so today i will be playing a pretty large tournament (2.500 euroes pricepool) however i am not sure about the decks yet. I took a bit of a break lately so i didnt figure out 4 decks yet. I think i will use jade druid and evolve...
Online Tournament Sites by Rayancaleb
Hi, So I have been looking into trying out some online tournaments and I have found Strivewire as the main site to use for it. Does anyone else know of any other active sites for more tournaments?? Please help.
Fighting Stance? by Rayancaleb
Hi, Almost every time I spar or train, someone will ask me if I used to do karate and say that I have a karate stance. I was wondering if some of you out there could give some feedback on this? When fighting, I tend to...
Strength training for MMA? by Rayancaleb
Hi, I was hoping someone could help me put together a strength training workout for MMA. I get plenty of "cardio" through out the week so I am just looking to increase my strength. I can devoted monday, wednesday, and friday to training....
Can American Kenpo Karate and boxing go together? by Rayancaleb
Hi, My boy "the hunk" Jack dawson will need a new gym to call home soon. He is currently in a private gym getting 1 on 1 training that I pay for the coach cost so that is preferred if anyone is interested in getting the...
Help with my boxing by Rayancaleb
Hi, I like to watch video of me hitting pads in order to see what I need to improve on. Lots of times my trainer will tell me I'm doing something but until I see it for myself, I don't know how to correct it. So occasionally, I'm going...