Dare to swim.
If everything we desired(regarding our big dreams and goals) conveniently sat ashore atop the sands before our life's oceans, then we would never have to set sail or swim. We'd simply bend over, reach down in the sand, pick up what we want and walk away. But in reality, the success we desire is way out in the water just waiting for us to dive in and get it(getting our degree, starting a business, following our dreams etc.). Sometimes what awaits us is found way out in deep waters, way at the bottom of the ocean. Sometimes the waters can be violent, unstable or may be infested with hungry sharks that often strike fear in us and discourage us and make us think that we won't survive if we take that chance and choose to swim. However, in order for us to obtain what we desire, it takes us to FINALLY abandon our COMFORT and "safe" zone(the sand) and dive boldly into unfamiliar, uncertain and possibly dangerous waters to FINALLY obtain what we've never had but have always wanted. But a lot of us spend and waste most of our lives pacing the shorelines back and forth staring into the ocean standing "safe" on dry land, knowing that what we want is out there just waiting on us but we are too afraid to dive in. We disqualify ourselves. We have a lack of faith. We hender and prevent our own selves from achieving. Maybe we are too busy thinking about drowning, too busy thinking about how deep the water is, or too busy thinking about the sharks and vainly listening to "comfortable" "safe" individuals who aimlessly stand around us, also wishing and who also just stare at the ocean, who pace the shorelines, and is content with just hoping to stumbling over seashells and clams, hoping to find the pearls inside. We're too busy NOT chasing our dreams and asking ourselves "what if I fail?" Rather than asking ourselves the better question, "what if I DO make it or what if I DO succeed?" We have to take that chance and just dive in the water and start swimming! And who ever said we'd dive in and have to swim alone? God is always with us! And what God has set for us to obtain, who or what can or would dare try to stop us from achieving or obtaining? God controls, OWNS and is the master of the oceans that we sometimes stand around and fear diving into to receive what He has waiting for us! So where is our faith? Fear the waters or dive in and swim with God and be successful?
We choose to swim!
Dare to swim.
God bless.
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Posted September 1, 2015 by mittany
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Cody Cheyenne Lane
New to Blogs
Posted August 29, 2015 by Cody Cheyenne Lane
I don't blog much. I am a 22 year old fighter who is new to the mma scene. I love fighting and training in the style. looking for a buddy to train with in my off time. Also looking for my debut fight.
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