john mcgowan
New in Oklahoma
Posted October 21, 2014 by john mcgowan in Upcoming Events
Trying to find a few amerture fights,so I can get a foot in the door. I took muay thai for a bit,Got a decent ground game as well. If there is any events going down in or near Ardmore please email me at. Johnjmcgowan91@gmail.Com
Tags: amerture
Need an Announcer?
Posted September 17, 2014 by pgarver in Upcoming Events
Hey Promoters! Need an announcer? I've got professional style and voice for a great price. Contact me, Patrick Garver for availability. Check out my Youtube channel to see and hear me in action. Any consideration is appreciated.
Thank you and Best Regards
Looking for a amateur MMA fighter for amateur fight. Location in Minnesota. Weight Class Between 170-185lb. Anyone looking for building their record and to gain exposure answer the calling to fight.
joshua williams
new in pa
Posted September 15, 2014 by joshua williams in Upcoming Events
just want to try and start somewhere, did muay thai for a year and few months and adapted well. is there any small events or management pickups in the area, if so contact me at
This is definitely a potential contender! I am trying to find a sponsor to get this young and dangerous young man into an amateur cage one time and see what he can do. I am new to the managing profession, he is new to the fight scene, someone bring a sparer and let's see joey on action!!! I am telling you from personal experience, he has a KO punch!!!
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