Evan Helton-West
Searching for sponsors!
Posted April 7, 2014 by Evan Helton-West
My names Evan West. Im 1-1. Fighting out of spotsylvania, Va. Im a boxer, bjj. IM 20. Im already sponsored by mamas pizza! but looking for one more. if your interested email me at
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i am a 8 times champion of croatia in kickboxing,4 times in kyokushinkai karate,once in boxing,once in muay thai, i have over 100 fights in my career,BUT the thing is they are stand up fights, my amateur record is 80 victories..around 20 losses, pro record 2 victories one loss (i lost for a single point in a fight for WAKO interconintental belt) i fight at 56 kg,i walk around 60 kg, ill be 23 in May,26 th. now i started working on my ground game,but here in croatia i dont have anyone to work with,so I need someone whos gonna bring me to the states,put me in a camp for a month or so to work on my ground game,im not a complete rookie in bjj.
Jon Gearhart
Looking for sponsors
Posted March 24, 2014 by Jon Gearhart
I'm an up and coming ammy fighter looking for sponsors clothing help with cost to get to fights hotels any thing I'm 0-1 had a bad break my first time out if interested in sponsoring me I can be reached at 7166020410 or at hope to hear good news soon
Hey everyone my names Braiden
Posted March 19, 2014 by Braiden
Hey guys/girls I'm thinking about forming a MMA group just meeting up whenever we can just to spar and train and just have fun teaching each other new things I love fighting it's fun for meSmile I hope you will join in with me and help (recruit) people I have been thinking about this for awhile I dont plan on making it a BIG thing we can just find a place to train things like that so no need for money I know I dont have enough to blow money on it right now maybe later when I make more but right now it's just fuunSmile so just message me on here or email me at if you're interested lookin forward to itSmile
Waiting on my chance to show what I can do ready for that one moment that's going to change everything in my life
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