This is definitely a potential contender! I am trying to find a sponsor to get this young and dangerous young man into an amateur cage one time and see what he can do. I am new to the managing profession, he is new to the fight scene, someone bring a sparer and let's see joey on action!!! I am telling you from personal experience, he has a KO punch!!!
This blog is about how I handle that pesky little dump you get at the start of a fight. This is all just my thoughts. It may help you, or it may not, but if you suffer from the dump... this might just be worth a try.

Preparation and "pre" routines are the key to combating the adrenaline dump!

When I played college football, it didn't matter what game (big or small) we had, we were always well prepared. I can recall to the tee the planning of the first 20 to 30 plays of each game. We had it planned out that when we started, we were running this play. This didn't mean that 5 plays in we didn't have to completely change the plan, because that happened more times than I can count. The thing was, that in those 5 plays, about ten minutes of the game went by before any real thinking was required. We were already moving the ball, getting hit, and well in to the swing of things. When I transfer this to MMA, I think of it as planning my first punch combinations. I want to have a plan of everything I'm going to do the second the ref says "Fight!" An example would be, "When I go out there, I'm going to touch gloves then circle to my right on a 45. This will keep him from touching and trying to sneak a punch in. After that, moving in, I'm throwing a jab jab to see what he does with his hands. If he overreacts, I throw the feint jab cross. If he barely reacts, I work the stiff jab to the low thai kick." I could keep going and going, but hopefully you get the point. Doing something like this will keep your mind centered and your thoughts focused. The worst think you could do is hear the ref yell "FIGHT" and then think... "Oh shit he's coming at me, what do I do? Umm... I'm gonna punch this guy hard and hopefully end this now!" You come out throwing haymakers... and now you're ready to hit the hay! When it comes to staying cool under pressure, you have to remember "Prepare hard, and fight easy".

The second thing that I like to do is develop a pre-fight routine. This is the routine I use for every fight. This routine starts with how you warm up, how you walk to the cage, greasing up, how you enter, What you do if you are first or last to go out. Where are you looking the whole time. Are you going to touch gloves. What moves are you going over in your head. This all needs to be considered beforehand. I even practice my routine when no one is looking. This way when all the bright lights get turned on and the crowd starts yelling, I have a center to hold on to. I know that if I just stick to the script, this is just another fun day at work. Time to get down to business. I use this all the time in order to not get overwhelmed with my surroundings.

You have to remember, the adrenaline dump is physical, but controlling it is mental. Work on getting prepared and stay focused, and you will definitely keep that wind you were building up all fight camp!

Fighter Dad
Kevin Moore
Posted August 24, 2014 by Kevin Moore
Have more videos but not on youtube. have to get them downloaded
As you all may know, some times the judges get it wrong. In their defense, judges are human, and humans aren't perfect. Be that as it may, the only way to ensure victory is to finish. If you've fought before, you already know that this task is much easier said than done. Some guys are just too damn tough to put down.

So how do I ensure that my hand is raised when it's all said and done?

That's a very good question that warrants a simple answer: ALWAYS BE LOOKING TO FINISH. When you're out there, you have to Attack! From the words of 2 time national judo champion Erick Jordan, "You're either attacking, or you're losing. That's it, there's no other option." Now, I'm not saying go out there hands down, throwing bombs with reckless abandon. I simply mean press forward, work your game plan, and set up your techniques. Use your jab to set up your cross, and when you see the opportunity, you let that hammer fly! If you get taken down, attack submission after submission. You might be on the bottom, but he is defending. If you do this over and over, what's the worse that could happen? You end the fight or what? Get passed? Well, then snag that underhook, switch your hips, get the hell up, and get back to the jab. If you do these things, I promise you will end more fights. If you don't end it, you will look very very decisive in the eyes of judges.

-Fighter Dad
Shonte Barnes
Work the Jab!
Posted August 22, 2014 by Shonte Barnes in MMA Training
What is the most versatile punch in all of fighting? You guessed it! It's the jab. You can hear countless echoes, from Pacific to the Atlantic, of cornermen screaming "Jab Jab Jab!!!". It is the one technique that is absolutely taken for granted.

I am an avid believer in the saying, "If you can jab, you can box". The best advice I can give to anyone starting MMA, Boxing, or Kick boxing, is to pay very close attention to your jab. Perfect and master it until it becomes second nature. You should be able to jab moving in, jab moving back, jab off a pivot, jab high, jab low, even jab the smart ass co worker you always hated.

There are numerous videos on-line that will teach you how to establish a good jab. Here are a few tips that I'd like to share:

- Try and keep you hand as static as possible. This means showing no tells that you are about to punch. This includes tensing up, dropping your hand slightly, or shaking ever so slightly.
- The jab is a fast punch. This means, as fast as it comes out is as fast as it comes back to guard. This will add snap to your punch, and keep you less susceptible to counters.
- Pay attention to how your opponent reacts to your jab. Mix it up. You can double jab, throw feints, and so much more by picking up on the details that he/she leaves behind.
- Most of all, have fun! Get creative! Use this punch to set up all sorts of killer combinations. You have so many options.

Have Fun, and Work the damn jab!!!

-Fighter Dad
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