Agricultural machinery: Department of Agriculture and the Ministry of Finance jointly issued the "2015-2017 agricultural machinery purchase subsidy implementation guidance," re-development of the industry policy support. Land transfer will accelerate agricultural industry has brought four major changes: mechanization rate increase, agricultural structural change (farm size, features), agricultural finance and agricultural information (agricultural electromechanical providers) acceleration. Recommended Jianghuai Engine, Yoshimine agricultural.

Robotics and Automation: Ministry issued "two deep integration of raw material industry promotion plan (2015-2018)", leading enterprises usher in a historic opportunity for development. Industrialization, information technology industry were 3.0, 4.0 core content industry, promote two of the depth of integration is based on the existing through the use of industrial robots, the Internet industry, big data, sensors, cloud computing and other technologies to further enhance the automation of production processes , digital, intelligent. Recommend Hyderabad control, star technology, robotics.

The introduction of new technology and equipment agricultural experiment accelerated. Combine Harvester technology mechanized cotton, rice and onion harvester broadcast technology, unmanned remote plant protection machine, intelligent networking equipment, such as the new precision seeder new technology and equipment in the city to carry out the test, in which precision sowing corn, rice and dry live, green onions and other mechanized harvesting techniques experimentally obtained initial results for further demonstration of the foundation.

Agricultural safety supervision work to a new level. The city's agricultural safety supervision comprehensive free, total agricultural supervision fees waived more than 100 million. Registration rate of agricultural inspection rate and rate of licensed drivers were 90.3%, 67.2% and 86.4%, among the nation's advanced ranks. Jinghai County, was named the national "safe agricultural" model county, becoming the Jinnan, Beichen, Wuqing, Baodi, Chittagong city and Jixian Section 7 demonstration counties.

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Car tyre life
Posted February 26, 2015 by Sunny Zhao in MMA News
Tyre life with many factors, such as weather, road, driving style, installation, maintenance and so on. From the international rules, if the tyre is normal, tyre wear to 1.6 mm tread depth must be replaced. Almost all of the tyres tread depth of 1.6 mm with marking, known as tread wear indicator tabs TWI. Ordinary tyres normal use, are able to use the 5-10 million km, of course, except the life of the tyres, as well as comfort, handling, grip, etc., and this is where the competition of different brands of tyres. Good brand, its comprehensive ability.

Typically mounted on a metal rim, capable of supporting the vehicle body, the buffer external shock, brought into contact with the road surface and to ensure vehicle performance. Tires often in complex and harsh conditions, when it is traveling bear various modifications, load, force, and high and low temperature effect, and therefore must have a high bearing capacity, traction, cushioning properties. Meanwhile, also requires high wear resistance and flex resistance, and low rolling resistance and heat buildup. World consumption of half the amount of rubber for tire production, consumption capacity of the tire rubber is visible.

Further, if the tyre fails, such as sidewall cut, must be replaced immediately.

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Hair Direction is the hair style for hair replacement system. There are 11 kinds of different hair styles during procedure. Please find the explanation below:

A. Left crown, right crown and center crown
The hair departs from the crown. Some customers require small crown, the crown can be made in heavier density accordingly. Also, if some customers want bigger crown, the density of crown can be made a lighter.

B. Left parting, right parting and middle parting
The hair departs from the parting area. The parting is definate on the hair replacement system.

C. Left breaking, right breaking and middle breaking
The hair also departs from the breaking area. They are almost the same as parting hair direction. The only difference is that the break hair direction isn't as definite as parting hair direction. The density on break area is heavier than other areas.

For a best hair replacement, it needs several details, such as the hair density, wave ,color and so on. Maybe it is the first time for some customers to place hair replacements' order. They don't know how to choose appropriate details. Lord hair prepare several ordering tools for these new customers.

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Natural Front Hairline Toupee
Posted February 26, 2015 by Sunny Zhao in MMA News
Customers who buy toupees always would like a natural looking toupee. In other words, they want the toupee looks like real hair instead of looking fake. Especially on the front hairline, they don't hope any knots. Usually, lace and pu (thin skin ) are most used base material for toupee. About lace, bleached knots is a good way for making a natural front hairline. And V-looped thin skin or Injected thin skin will lead to a non knots effect on front hairline for thin skin toupee.

And some customers also found that the right side of the skin hair replacements is not as good direction as left side. We have one customer who wrote us: "I've been wearing Hair systems for the past 10 years but the always bulge on the right side... just over the right ear. The LEFT-SIDE is always perfect... Sits and combs really well....No one so far got this right for me.... I would love to go and show the hair technician how well the hair looks on one side and ask them to do it exactly the same on the other... I can't understand why this hasn't been corrected???" I understand the problem and explained to him why this problem is not easy to be resolved. Most of the factories use splits knots on skin bases and most of the ventilating workers are right-handed. That's why. I suggested injected hair to him. He agreed to try Injected Skin Hair Replacement after hearing my explanation. Problem solved and he changed to injected skin hair replacements instead of split knots from then on. Do you have met with the same problem? Maybe you can consider to test Injected Skin Hair.

About normal skin hair units with split knots and injected skin unit, I'm not saying which one is good, which one is bad. They are different models of hair replacements with different strong points, so that meet different customers need. Hope this article helps customers to choose the right hair models which fit them perfectly.

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Nonionic polyacrylamide is water-soluble polymer or polyelectrolyte. Due to its molecular chain contains a certain number of polar groups, it can through the adsorption of solid particles suspended in water, make the bridge between particles or by charge neutralization condensed to form large floc particles. So, it can accelerate the particles in the slurry settlement, there is a very significant to speed up the solution to clarify, promote such as filtering effect. Mainly used for all kinds of industrial waste water flocculation sink down, precipitation clarification process. Such as paper and pulp waste water treatment, wastewater processing and metal smelting process of wastewater treatment, steel and stone processing plant waste water treatment, etc.

The major raw materials for the production of the handmade paper and the other paper products is the actinidia chinensis and the abelmoschus manihot. The paper making pulp is mainly from the abelmoschus manihot root liquid, the carambola cane juice, the holly leaf juice, the machilus pauhoi joice and the waxy leaf juice etc.

The new type of the paper making dispersant uses the anionic polyacrylamide product with the 2,000 x 104 molecular weight, the viscosity of its aqueous solution is very high. As a new dispersing agent for the plant fiber, the new type anionic polyacrylamide dispersing agent can make the remarkable effect for the long fiber thin paper product in the fourdrinier paper machine or in the garden net paper machine, with the dosage of 01.% ~ 0.2% (for oven dry pulp) of this new type of dispersing agent of anionic polyacrylamide.

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