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Shayla Anthony
My lifetime
Posted February 3, 2017 by Shayla Anthony in Event Results
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I'm 39 yrs. old, 255 lbs. 6'2". I've never had an amatuer fight, and I'm wanting to get a fight before I turn 40 yrs. old. I've got all of the required medical done for Texas, but it expires in 2 months. I'm having a hard time finding someone to fight.I have a little boxing and BJJ training. I'm a blue belt in BJJ. Im in McKinney TX.
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Ok, ill be honest as possible, ive been homless since 15, i come from the ghetto, i grew up 25 mins outside atlanta city limits, as of now im 18 and i hunt down gang bangers and killers for money... Im extremly well deciplined and extremly violent, i am not new to fighting, i have never lost hint why im still alive, all i need is the chance to prove myself, ive put people in the hospital without trying, i have no tranning except the stuff ive pick up off the street, im considerd mentally insane ive heard, i don't care at all what it takes to win, ill kill anyone in my way because im tired of living in the streets, im poor, and one of the enforcers in the crips in gwinnett county, i do not fuck around, put me in the cage and the other guy wont walk out. I promise. How do i start being in the situation im currently in.
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