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Smitten sexy mini dress
Posted January 25, 2018 by Ludwig Rhys in Fight Cards
 sexy mini dress
Smitten sexy mini dress Lily James stuns in a plunging white bow-tie dress as she cosies up to beau Matt Smith before posing with his The Crown co-star Vanessa Kirby at Netflix's SAG Awards after party.

They quickly forged a romance after meeting on set of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies lacy sexy mini dress in 2014.

And Lily James and Matt Smith proved their romance was sexy mini dress stronger than ever as they cosied up at the Screen Actors Guild Awards afterparty, hosted by Netflix, on Sunday night.

The 28-year-old actress showed off her effortless style in a plunging bow-detail dress as she posed with her handsome beau, 35 - before going on to pose with his The Crown co-star, Vanessa Kirby.

Lily once again cemented her style credentials in the figure-flattering dress which boasted an almost quilt-like design and a line of oversized bows down the middle.

The Baby Driver long sleeve midi dress actress sported a bronzed make-up look, which focused on chiselled cheekbones, smokey shadow and nude gloss.

The beauty, who has been rocking her tousled fringed mane in recent weeks, looked undeniably happy with Matt, who made for a very slick display in a snazzy black suit.

Lily proved that she had well and truly immersed herself in Matt's circle of friends, as she went on to pose with his co-star Vanessa.

Lily also looked thrilled to be posing with Gary Oldman, who she stars alongside with in the upcoming critically acclaimed flick, Darkest Hour.

Recently Lily praised the women in Hollywood who have recently shared their experience of sexual harassment and abuse.

The British star is pleased that the sex scandal has sparked a debate about the movie industry's culture.

She said: 'I think the bravery of everyone that's come forward and spoken, the fact that they've shared their pain and their stories in order to make change is the most admirable brilliant thing.

'And I'm so hopeful that now there's going to be a huge shift in how that power balance has been and how people have been treated.'

This comes after Lily reflected on her own activity on social networks in light of Daisy Ridley's decision to delete her long sleeve midi dressaccounts, and has confessed to experiencing a 'constant inner battle' about the issue.

Reflecting on Daisy's choice, Lily shared to the BBC: 'I completely and utterly relate to that. I believe it to be true, and therefore I am a hypocrite. I am on [social media], and I have a constant inner battle about it.'

The beauty went on to say that she had chosen not to join micro-blogging site Twitter because '[you shouldn't] put something down in concrete that's going to come back and haunt you.'
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