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Former editor of, Kenneth Tran has announced that VN Fighters Magazine will be shutting down.

The news comes as a surprise as the publication found an audience of thousands of readers in Vietnam. The magazine was notable for covering UFC Gym Vietnam and UFC Fighter Nam Phan. The magazine will be merged into, a media channel covering professional sports in Southeast Asia.

Kenneth, who is a former MMA promoter for pro-fighters Julie Kitchen and Mike Martinez, says he will be moving onto promoting basketball for the Vietnam Basketball Association.

When asked, Kenneth did not comment on whether or not he would still be promoting MMA fighters.

For more information on Kenneth Tran's agency for athletes, visit:
This female fighter wants to know how to find fights in my area, fight cards, and make money doing what I love. This side of it is all new to me and there are alot fo scams out there. I need my first fight. Please leave any advise, tips.
I am loosely connected to the MMA world.

My brother Mike Madlem built the second octagon cage (the only other being the UFC) in 2003 in Portland Oregon. He sets it up for every fight that is held at the Roseland in Portland and at the casinos on the Oregon Coast, Chael Sonnen being a close friend of Mike's and one of the FCFF founders.

I grew up with a love of the fighting sports, wrestling, boxing, karate etc, and eventually settled in Lucena City, Philippines in 2003(I am from Portland, Oregon originally) after 20 years in the Navy (retired 1993.)

I am 59 years old now but have trained a bit here with some of the younger guys. Unfortunately two abdominal surgeries have sidelined my training (2013/2014)
I am on the mend now and feeling good.

I have a young, 19 year old male Filipino fighter who is just fired up about going pro. I know nothing about sponsorship, but I have some videos of this kid fighting and he's got game.
He needs polishing and I don't think he can get it here in the Philippines. I would love to see this kid get to the states and fight so he can improve.
Any advice on finding sponsors? This kids got talent and I hate to see it wasted. Thank you, Uncle Pete
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