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Former editor of, Kenneth Tran has announced that VN Fighters Magazine will be shutting down.

The news comes as a surprise as the publication found an audience of thousands of readers in Vietnam. The magazine was notable for covering UFC Gym Vietnam and UFC Fighter Nam Phan. The magazine will be merged into, a media channel covering professional sports in Southeast Asia.

Kenneth, who is a former MMA promoter for pro-fighters Julie Kitchen and Mike Martinez, says he will be moving onto promoting basketball for the Vietnam Basketball Association.

When asked, Kenneth did not comment on whether or not he would still be promoting MMA fighters.

For more information on Kenneth Tran's agency for athletes, visit:
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We're currently looking for offers/ Summer 2016

It`s a pleasure to introduce you once again to Greg The Ripper Carpenter. A Canadian vet of the sport of the Mixed Martial Artist- with BJJ and Muay Thai background. he's normallya bantamweight-featherwight, but can hit 150lbs catch weight(depending) He is currently fighting out of Warriors Academy Fighting Club in Pincourt, Quebec Canada.

Greg fought in his second KickBoxing fight this past Febuary, with a one fight winning streak with ‪#‎Team‬ Warriors Academy All Style Fighting at the Cabaret Casino of Montréal in the WCA - World Combat Arena tournament. Greg is also planning on fighting on late May 28,2016 for KICKBOXING MANIA 1 under Merli Sala/Trnkova.

Our mandate is simple, promote him & find him fights locally aswell in Canada on the Amateur/ Pro circuits in MMA, Kickboxing or Muay Thai with help on his coach.

We are looking towards spring 2016 for new offers and submissions will start today.Plus we would like no sponsors or support (fans). Please contact us for more information concerning Greg.

P.Mma Fighters Management:
or email us

Greg Carpenter`s Information


Main Sponsors: Human Elemant, Eruption Industries, Hotte Ford Hawkesbury

Tapology/ MMA Record

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Matthew Myers
Is it time for Lauzon
Posted January 23, 2016 by Matthew Myers in MMA News, Interviews
Is it time
January 23, 2016

Some fighters like Joe Lauzon have an opportunity. An opportunity that many fighters under contract with the UFC wish they had. He can have a successful career outside the octagon. At what point should a fighter make that taxing decision to step away from what he's known for so long.This is a question not coming up enough in MMA. If I were to answer it for Lauzon, The time is now

Lauzon has been a fan favorite for his entire career. A warrior whose always pressing forward and relentless with his motivation to finish the fight.This fighting style is praised upon among his peers and fans.But what lies hidden in this warrior's mindset is a curse. A curse that not many in this young sport of MMA have yet too see and for many, care. The curse that someday all those wars in the octagon and gym will affect the possibility of a healthy life after the UFC.

With twenty fights to his credit under the UFC and record setting thirteen bonuses. I'm saying it's time for him to step away. Ever since I watched the movie Concussion, it's changed my perspective on how we should be viewing a style of fighting that we've all loved for so long, Lauzon's style. It's hard to comprehend how a corporation like the NFL could keep their athlete's in the dark on the most important commodity we all are in possesion of, our minds.So what will happen to MMA fighters in ten to fifteen years when their athletic career is finished and they have suffered years of physical trauma? Only time will answer that question

The UFC is not able to adopt the same principles the NFL has put in motion to keep their players safe in recent years. By enforcing stricter penalties on helmet to helmet contact or hitting the oppostion when he's in a defenseless position. In our sport we applaud, praise and congratulate violence. A brain can only take so much damage and for someone thats taken as much as Lauzon we can only hope that he will suffer no long term effects in his future.

This past December Lauzon had a fight with another longtime UFC vet Evan Dunham. Lauzon looked much inferior to his opposition resulting in a unanimous decision loss and $53,000 dollar payday. Seems pretty low to me considering Lauzon is an eleven year veteran with the world's biggest promotion and by all rights, a professional athlete competing in front of millions of people. He was paid $38,000 dollars to show and received another $15,000 from reebok in sponsorship. Sage Northcutt, a fighter with only three ufc fights and still living with mom and dad made $40,000 to show in his last fight against Cody Pfister. I Can only imagine how that makes Lauzon feel. A man whose made thousands of live spectators and millions at home watch in awe of his do or die mentality on many saturdays with the UFC. They don't call him the bonus king as a joke.

With $53,000 pocketed for his losing efforts now he has to go pay the bils. The tax man comes from hell and takes his cut. Then comes his coaches, training partners and managers all needing to be compensated for the time they put in. Leaving him in the neighbourhood of $20,000 dollars. A galaxy away from the millions NFL players make to play a game that is much safer and don't take as much physical trauma as mma figthers.Making the risk definitly worth the rewards.

Lauzon has four wins in his last nine fights keeping him out of the top tier in the lightweight ranks. With mma fighters getting faster, more technical and more hungry, he isn't showing us that he's making the technical adjustments to keep up with the very elite in the UFC. Stepping in to the cage with the same footwork, combinations and entries fight after fight. His technical abilities on the feet are quite weak to put it mildly. To make the real money in the UFC you have to consistently win your fights and get to the point where you're challenging for the belt. Unfortunately for Lauzon he doesn't have the talent or athletic ability to make that happen.

It's amazing what he's done with the athletic disadvantage he's had throughout his career and with what he didn't have in natural talent he made up for a lot of that with his durability which brought him moderate success. Joe's had a great ride, making over a million dollars throughout his eleven year run (almost half earned from bonuses) and earning the respect from media and fans in the process. But with his technical abilities, the money he's making, the damage he's taken and the oppourtunities that he has outside the octagon with his degree in computer science. I hope he realizes that it's time for him to step away cause for Joe and many other fighters I don't see how its worth it
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