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I'm looking for people who want to train or fight in AZ I'm trained in bjj, wing Chun krav maga jkd
Cameron sockey
finding a way to fight
Posted January 6, 2017 by Cameron sockey in MMA Training
I signe up to fight
I'm 39 yrs. old, 255 lbs. 6'2". I've never had an amatuer fight, and I'm wanting to get a fight before I turn 40 yrs. old. I've got all of the required medical done for Texas, but it expires in 2 months. I'm having a hard time finding someone to fight.I have a little boxing and BJJ training. I'm a blue belt in BJJ. Im in McKinney TX.
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I am new 36 year old fighter from Plainfield, NJ who has taught martial arts for 5 years. I have a variety of tools and prefer a stand up battle with head kicks and I have good boxing skills.I also have some grappling but I prefer to bang. I will fight anyone at 170lb-185lb and I am looking for assistance with the medical, travel and the licensing process. I can be ready for a fight by late April and once I am given the opportunity, I plan to stay as active as possible.

I am also a Editor and Publicist for and I have social media, web and marketing skills to be an asset to your management company or promotion.

My personal website is My email is anthonylgonzalez@anthonylgonzalez
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