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I'm from the Indianapolis area and I've been looking to rejump my career in MMA, I was an amateur fighter so I honestly wanna jump into pros but either one will do, I also do boxing matches, Wrestling, etc, so
I'm looking for people who want to train or fight in AZ I'm trained in bjj, wing Chun krav maga jkd
Cameron sockey
finding a way to fight
Posted January 6, 2017 by Cameron sockey in MMA Training
I signe up to fight
I'm 39 yrs. old, 255 lbs. 6'2". I've never had an amatuer fight, and I'm wanting to get a fight before I turn 40 yrs. old. I've got all of the required medical done for Texas, but it expires in 2 months. I'm having a hard time finding someone to fight.I have a little boxing and BJJ training. I'm a blue belt in BJJ. Im in McKinney TX.
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