Victor Vorgar
Up coming pro dabut
Posted August 26, 2017 by Victor Vorgar in Upcoming Events
i have my MMA pro dabut coming up and i am in need of some sponsorship. any ideas anyone feel free to get in touch with me.
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Former editor of, Kenneth Tran has announced that VN Fighters Magazine will be shutting down.

The news comes as a surprise as the publication found an audience of thousands of readers in Vietnam. The magazine was notable for covering UFC Gym Vietnam and UFC Fighter Nam Phan. The magazine will be merged into, a media channel covering professional sports in Southeast Asia.

Kenneth, who is a former MMA promoter for pro-fighters Julie Kitchen and Mike Martinez, says he will be moving onto promoting basketball for the Vietnam Basketball Association.

When asked, Kenneth did not comment on whether or not he would still be promoting MMA fighters.

For more information on Kenneth Tran's agency for athletes, visit:
Andrew DeBrocke
My fighting background
Posted July 24, 2017 by Andrew DeBrocke
I have practiced jiu jitsu for 8 years, kick boxing for 4, and wrestling for 6. I am 19 and looking for any paid amateur fights in the midwest area. Willing to drop to 180 lbs and go as high as heavyweight. If interested do not hesitate to contact! Andrew DeBrocke message me on Facebook or send me an email:
I am a 14 year old MMA fighter and my age is just a number. I weigh 130 pounds and I am able to go up to featherweight. I train independently most of the time because I do not have the resources to go to the gym. I am willing to fight anyone my size and hopefully my age in the octagon.
Tags: open fight, mma
I'm looking for people who want to train or fight in AZ I'm trained in bjj, wing Chun krav maga jkd
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