I am 25 and im looked to get a fight set up im 5"8 150 im a kick boxer and wrestler lets do it
is there any upcoming event in florida ,because i live there and i will fight anyone no matter the record or size or rules
Hello, I am looking for a short notice female fighter for Midwest Championship Fighting in the ammature division at 135. March 25th in north platte ne. Hotel rooms provide for 2 nights. Travel expenses included and are negotiable. Opponent is 2-8. Please txt or call 4024168504.

Scott Anson
Shayla Anthony
My lifetime
Posted February 3, 2017 by Shayla Anthony in Event Results
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Jakob Wade
I need help
Posted February 2, 2017 by Jakob Wade
Can someone help me find a mma competition I need to start as soon as possible on my mma career my dad's health is deteriorating he's killing himself by working way to hard trying to pay the bills I'm only 17 but I'll beat anyone you put me up against if it means making a little money to help my dad I'll do anything please I need to help my dad if anyone can help me I'll make sure you are set for life when I make it big and I will, I train in mma I'll take on anyone willing to do so please email me my email is Wade.jakob@gmail.Com please help
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