How to Find MMA Fights
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#1 January 31, 4:29 pm
How to Find MMA Fights
How to Find MMA Fights - Below are tips on how to use the website to find fights. If you follow these simple steps, this may increase your chances of landing a fight and help you get your name out to the MMA Community. Self promotion is vital for up-and-coming fighters to get noticed.

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1. First and foremost, make sure you are properly trained. No one wants anyone to get hurt. Additionally, the level of competition in MMA is skyrocketing, with the sports recent popularity. Gyms are popping up on ever corner and cranking out talented fighters globally.

If you are serious about making a career in MMA, be smart and handle this like it is your profession.

Join a local gym or fight team in your area!

CLICK HERE to search for a gym in your area.

* If you cannot locate a gym using our directory, try Googling "MMA Gyms" in your area. Depending on where you live, it can be difficult to find a good gym. This might require traveling to the next closest city, so you can train with a gym.


- Make sure the gym you join is training fighters to compete. Some gyms only specialize in workouts/techniques, and do not train fighters to actually compete. Prior to joining a gym, make sure you discuss what your goals are, where you want to go in the sport and if the gym can accommodate your needs.

- A good trainer should have connections with local promoters in your area. Your trainer should double as your manager throughout your amateur career. Making sure you are properly trained for a fight, looking out for your wellbeing, assisting with your fight preparations, corning you at your fights and helping you find upcoming fights.

- Training independently does have it's disadvantages. It lacks the invaluable experience of training with equal or more talented training partners. The guidance, diversity and push you receive from other fighters at a gym, just does not compare to training with a few friends at home.

- There are cases where training independently is the only option a fighter has. When given the opportunity, it is best to train at a gym. It will only improve your game.

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- Do MMA Promoters Prefer Gym Trained Fighters or Fighters That Train at Home?

- Training for MMA at Home vs. Training at a Gym

* If you do not have the funds to train, try talking to local gyms in your area about working out a deal. Pay for your first month(s) and if the gym owner sees that you have potential, most likely they will consider working with you on your fees.

* You might be able to get your fees reduced if you preform certain tasks around the gym, helping other students/classes or representing the gym by competing at local events.

Also, check out this article that explains "How to Train For MMA on a Budget".

** Once you and your trainer feel confident in your abilities to compete, use the following tips below. **

2. Check what the requirements are for your state's athletic commission or the state you plan to compete in. Complete any and all requirements the state commission is requesting.

Click the link below for a list of state athletic commission websites.

MMA State Athletic Commission List

MMA Medical Requirements

3. Check MMAR's Fight Listing Page. We compile a full list of upcoming fight cards that need pro and amateur MMA fighters to fill spots. This list is usually updated daily, so please check it often.

CLICK HERE to view the full list of upcoming fight cards.


- Try all forms of contact listed. (Phone calls are best, don't just rely on emails/messages.)

- Contact the promoter even if your weight class is not needed. Some promoters/matchmakers might be able to put you on a future card.

* MMA Recruiter is not the promoter or matchmaker for any of the events listed on our site. Please contact the promoter listed if you are interested in additional information.

4. Search for promoters in your State or surrounding States. You can use the browse tool on MMAR to locate promoters and matchmakers in your area. Send the promoters and matchmakers a personal message expressing your interest in fighting on an upcoming fight card.

Click Here to access the browse tool.

- Select the Profile Type "Fight League, Matchmaker or Promoter"
- Select your Country first.
- Select your State or surrounding States.
- Hit the Search Button.


- Send professional messages and emails. (If you want to be taken seriously, send professional messages.)

- Always include a link to your profile on MMAR.

Check out this article that explains "How to Book an MMA Fight".

5. Complete and update your profile. Use your profile on MMAR like a resume. Make sure your profile is completely filled out and update it often. When contacting promoters, managers, and sponsors send them your profile link. This allows others to view your information, pictures, and videos all in one place.

CLICK HERE to update your profile.

6. Post your information in the "MMA Fighters - Looking For Fights" forum section. This is a great way to let promoters know you are in need of a fight.

to view the forum section.


- Create a meaningful and professional post.

- List all your information. (Make your post like a resume.)

- Add pictures or videos to your post.

- Always include a link to your profile on MMAR. (CLICK HERE to get your link.)

* If you are not properly trained or have never trained before, don't post here looking for fights.

7. Befriend us on social networking websites. In an effort to get our information out to as many people possible, we have created profiles on some of the top social networking websites. Befriend us and keep an eye out for daily fight card postings and special announcements.


* We have exceeded our friend limit on Facebook. Please join our newly created group “ MMA Recruiter. “

8. Post press releases about yourself. MMAR is highly crawled by the search engines. Posting press releases about yourself is a great way to get noticed by the search engines and other members of MMAR.

CLICK HERE to post your press release in our blog section.

* If you are in need of someone to write a press release for you, please CLICK HERE and we will refer you to a writer.

9. Consider hiring a manager. If you are having trouble obtaining sponsors, finding fights or competing on big cards (i.e. UFC, Strikeforce, Bellator), then it might be time to hire a manager. Good managers can help you advance your career and handle all your industry affairs (i.e. finding fights, obtaining sponsorships, promoting you, contract negotiations, public relations and much more).

To search for managers on our site, please click the link below.

MMA Manager Locator

* If you are a fighter with no training or have never competed, please do not contact a manager looking for representation.

** Some management companies ONLY deal with pro fighters. There are a few management companies that do represent/give advice to amateurs.

How to Find MMA Fights
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#2 August 20, 2:10 pm
hello my name is nick rogers. im 20 years of age. my dream was to become a fighter. i watch fights on TV all the time. i know its not easy but i believe i can do it. if u have any questons or concerns. feel free to call me at 402 277 6538.
#3 August 22, 9:36 am
I'm experience in BJJ and spent a couple years boxing and kick boxing. I started as a street fighter, which isn't the right way, but learned to be more disciplined and control my aggression. I've slowly became a great martial artist but can't seem to find any fighting events. If anyone needs a 155-165 fighter in Texas or southern Oklahoma I would gladly accept the challenge, and promise an entertaining match.

Michael "Beast Mode" Brown
#4 August 31, 2:25 am
Want To Fight Now !
Give me a fight ive wrestled for 12 year been to state and did some fight clubs n a few KO's so id like to see what i can do in the ring if you want a fighter with heart.

Dakota countrystrong Handley
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#5 September 10, 2:04 pm
Thanks for the helpful post
#6 October 5, 8:32 am
Hi, my name is Dilser . I've been training out of houston tx for
two years now . i won my last fight and was hoping to seek another one.
I'am willing to travel anywhere you'd want me to fight .
I'm all about putting on a great show win or lose I just want
a chance to be some one in this world and help who ever is next to me.
weight:190lbs (I can cut down to as much as 170)
style:mauy thai,bjj,judo
If interested contact me at or hit my link thanks.
#7 October 5, 4:57 pm
the names ajani ive been in 5 amatuer fights won all 5 amatuer fights i study in muay thai tang soo do american boxing and bits and peices of judo and jiu jitsu
ajani farris
#8 October 18, 10:35 am
hello my name is anthony leyva im a boxer, tang su do, and wrestling specialist looking for my first amature mma fight here in my home town of los angeles california. im 20 years and will fight anyone, anywhere, anytime i dont back down from fights. if you need someone to fill in a fight card here in california give me a call at 562-291-5254 i fight at 135 but wouldnt mind fighting at 145 as well. i promise to have a real entertaining brawl!
#9 October 23, 12:56 pm
i want to fight.
I am a fighter. I want to fight. I have been fighting my whole life,and studied martial arts since I was 8.this is what I want to do. I live in hot springs Ar. If you know of any fights that I can join please let me know.
#10 November 16, 2:10 pm
I live in Brazil, I'm a black belt in muay thai,'m national champion in muay thai and have a good experience in BJJ, I​​'m also fighting with one victory in MMA and now I wanted a chance to fight in the United States. my email is
#11 December 10, 11:33 am
i live in ft worth 22 and started karate when i was eight.. i moved to south korea and got my black belt in kyuktoogie at 14.. ive taken tang su do, chinese kenpo, jiujitsu classes.....none of these have presented the same challenge as my time in korea... so ive attended many mma gyms just for the workout.....i could really use a or lose....i promise to impress
#12 December 10, 11:39 am
@seth - Please be sure to follow the tips listed in the post. Once you are properly trained, you will need to contact local promoters in your state about getting on their fight cards. If you are training at a gym, ask your coach/trainer if he or she has any connections with local promoters in your area. We cannot get you on a fight card, as we just repost the fight card listings for the promoters. You will need to be proactive and contact them directly.
#13 December 11, 1:46 pm
sorry....i realized after this post that this just wasnt the place for it....reposted in the propper thread
#14 December 15, 2:40 pm
Hi , my name is
Danny and i will fight anyone,anytime, anywhere period. If your interested call me at 714-325-3175. If you are interested, hey come test me out and lets see who comes out victorious.
#15 January 9, 11:18 pm
i want to fight right here right now.
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