How to Find MMA Fights
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#46 January 3, 9:02 pm
My name is Mark Hill and im looking for a fight. I can fight at 170 and maybe 155. Give me a call at 205-532-9022
#47 January 5, 11:50 am
#48 April 17, 10:04 am
Hey my name is quamane hicks I'm 5'9" walk around at 183 pounds haven't trained much in a gym because of financial problems but I have a very good self defense mind and can box and would like to think very tough and determined if anyone can help me find amateur fights pleeeaasse contact me 434-755-5393
#49 July 7, 10:48 pm
WHAT About international fighters want to compete in tje us or canada
Trabelsi Yassine
#50 September 1, 5:35 am
hello my name is jade i wanna fight someone
#51 September 21, 2:12 pm
My name is joshua queen and I always wanted to be a fighter I got heart and I am willing to she'd blood and tears to have have a opportunity for that chance I am 23 years old and I want this opportunity my number is 5732818938
#52 September 21, 2:18 pm
I am ready to see how far I can go I want to make it out of a career I will do anything to try and get a amatur fight and prove I can make it my name is joshua queen age 23 from doniphan mo I need this opportunity please this has been my dream for awhile
#53 September 29, 12:09 am


Deshawn Jones
#54 October 1, 11:53 am
Can anyone text me back I need a fight in AZ Phoenix's only and I can't find any fight in AZ! If you can help me or you know where we can fight at like a gym I can do that I just want to fight anyone I can do 150 to 168lbs fight if any more I can do maybe more the. 170 depend if their money and I have to fight a heaver fighter then I do it. I just need help find MMA fight here in Arizona Phoenix.
#55 October 9, 7:17 am
i wanna fight someone as oon as possible
#56 October 12, 11:20 am
Long Island Fighters
new to training mma, know I have some time to go til I'm ready to fight but I was wondering where on long island can I find fights ?
#57 December 18, 2:19 am
Kendall my name im 175lbs and looking for my chance to fight my first mma event...Im 30y/o and ready as ever..8502950331...Someone please help me get my chance...From there i will be unstopable
#58 January 12, 2:08 pm
Manager looking for fights
I got six pro male MMA fighters from the Dominican Republic (125lbs. to 155lbs.) ready to fight in the U.S. contact me at jeff@jaceagency to set these guys up for an event.
#59 March 13, 4:52 am
i wanna fight right now
#60 November 22, 1:21 am
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