Alex Cejas
#1 June 5, 10:35 am
Alex Cejas
My name is Alex. I am an undefeated Amateur fighter in south florida.
My story is as follows:

Born in Argentina and came to the states in 1998. I was morbidly obese for most of my life. In highschool, my weight was as high as 330 lbs. After losing 60 lbs my Senior year of high school, I took martial arts as a hobby. Next think i knew, I fell in love with it.
From 2009-2012 I fought in Muay Thai at Heavyweight and compiled a 5-0 Record.

In 2013 I reconnected with a friend who had great trainers in our gym, Warrior Ways Academy. We started training like professionals and I dropped to 205lbs. My coaches led my training partner, Mikerson Lindor, and I to his 5-0 as an ammy mma and 7-1 muay thai before going pro. I went 4-0 and I am the ammy Fight Time Promotions LHW champion.
The only difference between the guys you see up top and us is the bank account. We are vicious and we are for real.

I am in the process of dropping to 185. I am not sure if my last ammy fight will be defense of my title or I may drop down to 185 and take that title home.

I am looking for Sponsors at this moment for supplements and or gear.

My contact Information :


Marcos Wila
Augusto Hernandez
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