- Free ticket service and Fighter sales tracking
#1 December 5, 9:04 pm - Free ticket service and Fighter sales tracking
My name is Jay Schneider, and I am the founder of the Victory Fighting Championship, a member of the Nebraska Athletic Commission, and a senior columnist for Ultimate MMA magazine under the pen name 'Victory Jay'. I have a promotional tool that I feel would be a powerful benefit to the events that you are currently associated with. While there are dozens of online ticket companies, there are none that are anything like this one.

Most all events rely on fighters to go out and hustle tickets for them, and after Monte Cox and I had fighters return over $4k in unsold tickets I decided to invest in a system to alleviate this problem. After months of development I have a system that allows fighters to get credit for selling tickets without physically having to sell them. This allows the following benefits:

- Works in addition to current ticket service.

- No more waiting and worrying on weigh in night.

- All events can now process credit cards.

- Customers can print tickets out at home.

- Each event has access to the contact information of every person that purchases a ticket, great for upcoming event news.

- Fighters reluctant to move tickets will now promote the event as they have nothing to lose.

- Out of town fighters can sell as well.

- Option to scan barcodes at the event. Fast and professional.

- Reports automatically count tickets, saving time and money.

- NO COST to the promoter - 100% of ticket face value comes back to the event. (We make our profit off the advertising)

If you are a promoter that would like to increase your ticket sales and improve the professionalism of your events, please email at

Thank you,

Victory Jay

(402) 210-6784
Cagetix LLC
Ultimate MMA Magazine
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