Fighters needed in Canada
#1 May 14, 8:33 am
Fighters needed in Canada
I am Mike Williams the Promoter of Elite1MMA Productions in New Brunswick Canada.
We are looking for male amateur fighters for our June 10th and our July 23rd event. We need a 145lbs, 155lbs a and a 165-170lb fighter.

We cover travel for the fighter and a corner person as well as accommodations and a meal allowance.

Mike Williams Promoter at Elite1MMA Productions Inc.
(506) 378-4466
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#2 May 19, 8:47 am
Greeting Mike Williams, My name is A.J Morales and I've been working with Christopher Polanco for 6 months now but before this he was the baddest kid in town. i saw his potential in a high school wrestling match when he nearly broke a kids neck with a suplex. after his match i came up to him and asked if i could show him MMA, he agreed and ever since we have been working our asses off trying to get a name for himself. Off the records he had a unofficial fight where he knocked his appoint out in the third round. hes just one of those guys that just don't quit and will finish any fight now matter what, he has heart and he feel in love with this sport. we would appreciate if you give us this one shot that we need because we know he wont disappoint. hes weighing 170 and would like to fight in the July 23rd event. we are location near Portland, Oregon USA. we thank you for this opportunity,
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