mma fighter championship
#1 December 23, 5:34 am
mma fighter championship
we are need some professional mma fighter to fight about 2month
we are want video for your last fight, if we are choose you, you will play game, if you are win, we will let you play another fight about 3 or 4 days, if you win, you will play the final fight
if you want be with us, send a video for your final fight to:
We are not sure of the tournament
We will pay the costs of accommodation and travel for you and your coach
Tournament in the Middle East
#2 December 23, 5:07 pm
Hi my name is brandon sagraves if you pay for travel I'm down to fight I fight at 115 and 125 will do higher depending on the offer my last fight it was ruled a no contest because the ref assumed I was tapping but I was trying to explain he was breaking the rules for that fight I'm exciting as hell and I always put on a show
#3 September 12, 1:29 am
I want in ! Contact me
#4 October 24, 7:12 am
Going Pro soon
Jude Hammad. 135er MMA fighter 3-2 Ammy record. I'm ready to go Pro. I have some fights lined up in Virginia USA. I'm willing to come fight in the Middle East and fight in front of my brother and sisters in the Middle East. Email at
My last fight:
Jude Hammad
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