Looking for amateur fighters!!!
#1 September 20, 4:53 pm
Looking for amateur fighters!!!
Understanding Entertainment is a limited liability company that manages fighters. Comprised of San'Antorrio Hollmon CEO and president along with Joetta Ornelas VP and head of Public Relations.

CEO & President
San'Antorrio Hollmon very savvy business man. Decided to run this company to help his career along with others fighters in this up and coming field in sports. Has over 20 years of kick boxing experience mastered. Continuing with 13 years of wrestling, also with 10 years of boxing under his belt. An overall very talented and skilled fighter.

The reason Mr. Hollmon decided to start management for MMA fighters. Due to fact that too many up and coming fighters and not enough management to represent them. Making a career in this new genre of sports is critical if you do not have the correct representation. He felt he could have a great impact on creating this management company for himself and other fighters.

Mr. Hollmon was on hiatuses from the fighting world for over 2 years. Due to the fact he was in a car accident. This occurred prior to the start of his career. While he was not fighting he was busy creating his own team that can be managed and fight with the same company. So that the fighter will not have to do all the work. It will allow the fighter to concentrate and focus on fighting, while management handles the business aspect of his or her career.

Vice President-
Joetta Ornelas Has over 3 years of management for multiple different areas of entertainment industry. Working with music artist, American Idol artist, comediennes, actors and athletes. Verifying all business transactions and complete and accurate. All management pertaining to artist, promoting for album releases, movie opening, club performances, for multiple venues and artist.

As the Vice President of the company Ms. Ornelas seen the great demand but with little to no representation in this field. She decided to lend her counseling, and business management skills to and up and coming company. Allowing her to help make amateur fighters become professional fighters in the MMA field.

Contact Info:
Understanding Ent. LLC
Via email understandingentllc@gmail.com
#2 September 27, 7:48 am
My name its andres i am lookin to fight for money i live in hagerstown md dont have a way to get anywhere far if u have a place close by let me know i am ready for warever to take my family out this missery
#3 January 4, 7:40 am
Im looking for a good managment team. I have two fights under my belt nut have been put of the cage for a few years need help getting my career going again.
Email JakeHarrison2830@gmail.com
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#4 June 23, 6:06 pm
My name is Ray Hanaburgh I'm am looking for a manager I'm a fighter out of Highland mills ny I'm looking to get some more amateur fights under my belt and then go professional
#5 June 25, 8:19 pm
the want for the impossible....
My name is Joe Rivera, I am 35, have 2 kids, and have been relentlessly trying to become an mma fighter. I live in Chula Vista, CA. And yes money as you all expect is the factor, all these supposed gyms only care about money just as many of these posts reflect. I train myself everyday with the knowledge that training alone is not gonna take me where I need to be yet I can't help but do so, I am a born fighter, spent most my life homeless until a manned up and join the United States Army at the age of 29, my choice was 11b (infantry), at wich I acomplished first time around, unfortunately I had to leave (honorable discharge) due to my wife's illness(epilepsy) with only one year in, In 2014 I made the biggest mistake((and only mistake)) in my life and now have a domestic violence misdemeanor on my record, I took and graduated a 1 yr class for domestic violence and have not consumed alchohol since the incedent, I have dedicated all my time to training however every job I have applied for will not hire me either because I am supposedly over qualified or my misdemeanor, we survive off of my wife's disability check, now I spend the greater time of my schedule training and looking for a gym who will let me train and work with me, but let me tell you that I have been to all of these gyms and not one has even attempted to work with me, the only concern is pay then train and if you can't pay then you are for some reason discarded as garbage, I haven't given up but come on people, everyone has to start from somewhere, I don't need to be preached to about life getting better because those who can lend a helping hand don't, all I want is a chance to prove my worth and ability as a fighter, I don't quit, I am always willing and ready to learn and I am not above learning new techniques, I am willing to travel anywhere and work with anyone regardless of state or country, is this world truly just concerned with money?, I can be reached at 1(619)3661551, let me prove my worth, thank you
#6 December 24, 8:50 pm
My name is Chazan I love in Jacksonville Fl I'm just a guy that loves to fight maybe you could put me to the test don't get me wrong in 39 Puerto Rican from the virgin islands still in my prime. If you don't mind call me I want let you down..9046001297
#7 January 14, 10:19 am
I am a 20 year old male fighter. Need fights. I love the sport. Contact me at 252-213-5828
#8 January 26, 6:26 am
Im 21 looking for the right help to get my career started and start making money contact me at nickroberson3232@gmail.com or 989-817-6405
#9 February 5, 2:26 pm
Hello, I too am seeking an MMA fight. I would be willing to enter the cage given a timely notice beforehand.
#10 February 5, 2:28 pm
#11 February 7, 5:24 am
We have fighters at every level, our club is located in the city of Kiev Ukraine.
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