Looking For Fighters, Win-Win Situation
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#1 October 14, 9:51 am
Looking For Fighters, Win-Win Situation
New brand starting up, looking to sponsor some fighters. We will help promote you as much as we can, you help promote us by wearing our brand. As we both continue to grow much more can come out of it.
For more details email us at evolve.athleticsmma@gmail.com
Jay Fuller
Evolve Athletics Apparel
#2 October 14, 10:55 am
Is there anymore info on how would yall help through the sponsoring.
#3 October 14, 9:41 pm
hello i am steve leach i have a pro fighter looking for sponsoring for he is a 135-155 fighter pro rec 1-4 ammy rec 9-4 James Foster. 5" 6" 135-155. Bjj blue belt, sambo expert. Warrior MMa 145 and 155 champ tsmma 155 champ. Fought the best in the southeast, nate jolly, jeff bedard, jay managello looking foward to hearing from you
#4 October 15, 2:14 pm
Hit me up me in my crew will represent....
#5 October 15, 6:16 pm
ill advertise the hell out of your product,i just need exsposure
#6 December 27, 5:57 pm
A. King I fight out of Atlanta at X3 sports. I'm a 5-10 1/2 170lb boxer/freestyle fighter my first ammy fight is on Jan 5th 2013. Need full sponsorship or whatever can do.
#7 June 13, 9:06 am
Australian mma fighter and crew can get u Australian interest +61406287024 or cjthegladiatorross@gmail.com
#8 June 24, 1:28 pm
Have a wife 2 kids wanting to do this full time need help. 2396009318
#9 June 30, 6:12 am
Hi, I'm Bules. I have been in this amazing sport for years, got an unsanctioned record ammy of 2-0-0.I need help with expenses: gym costs,supplements, gear, etc. I have opportunities to fight,just need help to achieve greatness. Thank you for your time and consideration. I'm 5'10'', fight at 155-165, freestyle fighter with influence in kickboxing, bjj, and judo.
#10 July 1, 2:46 am
I have a fight July 31 could really use the help
#11 August 7, 3:54 am
Hey how's it going im really intrested in representing your brand I fight in October hopefully we can make something happen before then
#12 September 14, 7:02 pm
Highly decorated High school and collegiate wrestler transitioned to mma fighting for the biggest promotion in iowa, next bout is nov 25, with the mcc would love to work together
#13 September 17, 12:45 pm
Iam promoting a mma event at reverb nov21,2015..Iam developing a fight card .card will be mostly amateur fighters,looking to also have at least one pro fight and one female match fight .the venue will be held at reverb ,it's location 1402 reading pa.looking for sponsors to join in to showcase there products.we have 9 different huge monitor projector screens to advertise your brand ,we also have space settings for booth selling of product or brand ect...If interested please contact 484_219_2780 ask for big e. Or email me at boomr6@gmail.com.thank you
#14 May 1, 8:17 pm
up and coming fighter
Hello I am an amateur mma fighter out of Johnson city, TN. I have had only one fight due to not being able to afford to train on a regular basis due to me working and barley being able to make ends meet and provide for my wife and son. I would really like the opportunity to have you as my sponsor. All that im asking for is help with my funds for my training while i am amateur because with help I feel that I can become a great fighter. I would love to know what you all think about me and if you would help me with my training.
#15 May 7, 10:53 am
hello im a amature fighter fighting out of the united tas medina ohio I am still trying to find a sponsor nedd to get one befor I get my first fight I am willing and wanting to work harder the what I can do at home I am also a soon to be father and I would like to ask you to sponsor me
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