Revolution Sports Apparel We Are Looking To Sponsor Fighters!
#1 August 23, 7:22 pm
Revolution Sports Apparel We Are Looking To Sponsor Fighters!
We are Revolution Sports Apparel and I'm looking for MMA Fighters to show off my brand. I'll supply gear and sportswear!Beginner, Amateur Or Professional.. Join the Revolution! #WeAreRevolution
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#2 August 27, 1:11 am
Hi my name is Keenin Cohen and I am a pro mma fighter in Hawaii I am looking for sponsors to help me with my career. I'M 2-1 with a title as a pro and 9-0 with 5 titles as a amateur. If you are interested in sponsoring me I'm sure it would benefit the both of us as I am at the top in my weight Class and a well known fighter in Hawaii. I hope too here back from you and you company, thanks for your time d
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#3 August 27, 6:24 am
#4 September 4, 12:24 am
New to the fight scene, actively seeking my first amateur fight at 205. The plan is to slowly work down to 185 during my amateur career. I train at Team ROC Charlotte with Rodney Wallace and Jordan Rinaldi. As close to a safe bet at they come.
#5 September 5, 3:26 am
hi there
My name is Paul
i am the manager of a young fighter who will be on the uk fight scene soon and we would be proud to show case your apparel and all his fights

this is a chance for both parties to promote each other

#6 September 14, 6:58 pm
Highly decorated High school and collegiate wrestler transitioned to mma fighting for the biggest promotion in iowa, next bout is nov 25, with the mcc would love to work together
#7 January 24, 10:27 am
Hi Nick,

If you're still looking to sponsor fighters. I manage a few that would love to represent your brand. You can reach me here or at

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