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Advertising - MMAR Reader - Only $20

MMA Companies here is your chance to get massive targeted exposure at an extremely low price! MMA Recruiter has created an online publication for the Mixed Martial Arts Community to read, download, and distribute for FREE. That means thousands of readers will get to see your ad!

Since our publication is distributed electronically, we can give it to the readers for free and save advertisers thousands of dollars in marketing expenses. Don't pay high advertising prices to have your ad in a print magazine sitting on store shelves waiting for someone to buy it. Get guaranteed readers!

The MMAR Reader will be distributed to over registered MMA Recruiter members and thousands of industry professionals every quarter. In addition to having your ad included in our publication, we will also display your ad on MMA for free.

Our publication is packed full of professionally written industry advice and information to help fighters advance their careers in the MMA Business. Your ad will be in the hands of real fighters, gyms, fight teams, managers, promoters, and much more for as little as $20 per month. Advertising with MMA Recruiter targets your message directly to verified MMA enthusiasts interested in your MMA products or services.

The MMAR Reader uses the latest technology to display your ads. All ads are in our publication will be interactive! Readers can click on your ad and be directed straight to your website. No more hoping a reader will remember to visit your website when they are done reading a magazine. Access to your company website is just a click away.

Why advertise in MMAR Reader?

* It's FREE to read & download - Thousands of Readers!
* Interactive Ads – Your ad links to your website!
* Over 17,700 registered subscribers just on our email list.
* Free advertising on (35,000 visitors per month).
* Old issues archived and available for free downloaded on the MMA Recruiter website.
* Distributed for free on Myspace (Over 25,000 friends).
* Available on Facebook (Over 5,600 friends & 1000 page followers).
* Tweeted on Twitter (Over 4,900 followers).

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